My Canon English

The Canon of Erik Heikens
My history in 25 windows.

  • 1.       Born
  • 2.       Moby Dick (daycare)
  • 3.       Irene
  • 4.       Leo
  • 5.       Bongerd (first school)
  • 6.       Autism
  • 7.       Taalkring (second school)
  • 8.       Swimming
  • 9.       Scouting
  • 10.   Tigeraction
  • 11.   Bijke
  • 12.   Alfonso Cortischool (my High school)
  • 13.   First flytravel to Rhodos (Greece)
  • 14.   Aquarium
  • 15.   Flood in Tjechië
  • 16.   Grandfather Tom
  • 17.   My first love Bianca Davidse
  • 18.   My diploma
  • 19.   Tunesia, my first travel to outside Europe and my first travel to Africa.
  • 20.   Leo kannerhouse
  • 21.   Emershese
  • 22.   Australia
  • 23.   India
  • 24.   Own apartment
  • 25.   Run Performance
  • 26. Grandfather and Grandmother Kreuger
  • 27. Animations
  • 28. Suriname



1.       Erik Sydney Heikens is born 3 march 1987, in Odijk, in The Netherlands.
The first guests by my born was Grandmather Carolien and Uncle Tammo.

2.       In july 1987 to start a daycare in Utrecht Moby Dick.
Erik go to Moby Dick and Irene and Leo later to go Moby Dick.

3.       On 1 februari 1989 to born Eriks sister, I,r,e,n,e Mathilda Heikens.
Erik is now brother.

4.       On 21 januari to born  Eriks brother, Leo Fabian Heikens.
Leo is born with a Esophageal atresia. He is quick to go the hospital and go to operation by the Esophagus.

5.       In march 1991 to go Erik to the first school.  De bongerd.

6.      In 1992 Erik was diagnosed that he has autism.
Erik had few friends and played alone.

7.       In 1993 go Erik to the special school. The Taalkring (tolkcircle).
Erik go to in the last group in 1999 and go to the High school.

8.       One favorite sports of Erik are swimming.
He has three brevets. A (1994),B (1996) and C (1999).

9.       Erik to scouting to april 1995 and remove in november 2003.
He sat on scouting Katimavik in Odijk.
There go walking, to play games and go the summercamps.

10.   Erik is member of the WWF. He big action was the tigeraction.
Before the bengal tiger in India. Famous peoples to powprint to the car.
Prins Bernard (Grandfather of king Willem Alexander) to do the first print.

11.   In 1999 go Erik to the High school. Alfonso cortischool.
He sat from 1999 and to remove in 2004.

12.   In 1999 to come by Erik’s family a new pet.
Bijke, a stabyhoun. A black white dog. She is a love happy dog !

13.   In 2000 go to Erik’s first travel with a airplane.
He go to Rhodos, a Greek Island. Erik love Greek’s food.

14.   In 2001 up to with 2011 has Erik a own aquarium with tropical fishes.
First fishes from South America and later from India.

15.   In the summer of 2002 go to holiday in Czech Republic.
The summer was very raining and there were big floods in the country.
In Prague were big flood with damaging.
On the camping were Erik and her family was a creek of a meter wide.

By the flood was the creek 3 meter wide. I go the opposite side of the creek.
I walk in the water. The water was stronger and stronger how far to walk in the water.
The water take me way and to land in a bush. I scream :Help me!
And I to save by Bert Schaak (campstaf) with a tractor. Me hero !

16.   Grandfather Tom Heikens was my favorite grandfather.
By the birthday celebrations to make a applepie with the name and the new age on the pie. He tell me nice storys our the history.
In 2003 died Grandfather Tom. I was sixteen years old.
I have sixteen years my four grandparendts.

17.   In 2004 go with my school on wintergame in France.
There go a school from Utrecht and a school from Goes (Sealand).
I has my first love with a girl from Goes. Bianca Davidse.
Between february and august has me and Bianca a courtship.
In august we make it out.

18.   In 2004 took out his leaving certificate. VMBO Trade adminstration.
The name of the school of the certificate is ‘’Vader Rijn College’’, because my school a special school is. This school don’t certificate reach out. Hence !

19.   In august 2004 go Erik to ‘’ LeoKanner House’’ in Oosterbeek.
He go on part-time treadment before one year and eight months.
The Leokannerhouse is apsychiatric hospital before autistic peoples.
He learn our live with autisme and live with social skills. In 2006 remove Erik the LKH.

20.   In 2005 my parents were married for 25 years. Before celebrate go travel to Tunesia.
A country in North Africa. My first travel to outside Europe.
The trip to begin in Brussel airport go to Djerba (Island by Tunesia).
Then we going the mainland of Tunesia. By Matmata (there was records of Star wars),
Tozeur (gate of the desert), the Sahara and the Atlas mountain with the salt desert.
The travel companion was Abdullah, he speak Frence and a little German. No English.
The another travel peoples were Frence speaked,other then my family and two Flemisch peoples. Bert Dierens and Leen van Ransbeeck

21.   Tthe time by the leokannerhouse go Erik to the workhome in Amersfoort.
Emerhese, a workhome before adults with autistic.
Erik first alone on the workplace, in the afternoon go Erik to home.
From 2006 by 2011. In june 2011 to live Erik on Emerhese.

22.   My big travel wish was a travel to Australia. My father was born in Australia.
Because my Grandfather has work in the harbour of Sydney.
In 1985 was my parendts a month in Australia.
In 2009 go to the family to Australia. A trip of a month.
The travel to begin in Dusseldorf (Germany) to London Heatrow.
In Heatrow to change to the airplane go Sydney, with a betweenstop in Singapore.
To arrival in Sydney. In Sydney go to Crunella (village by Sydney) the house of my father.
Next in Sydney to visit Taronga zoo, Operahouse and go to whale safari.
The begin the real trip from Sydney to Cairns. Two weeks go to the north of Australia.
We stay in a surfcamp, East point of Australia, Fraser Island, a Cowboy resort,
by the Canarvon Gorge in a resort, a sailor trip with two days by the White Sunday Islands in the Great Barrierreef, Magnetic Island and Cairns. From Cairns go to Darwin.
From Darwin go a week in the Kakadu National parc and Nitmiluk National parc.
There see more animals and wild life. The travel in Australia was particularly beautiful !

23.   The another big travel wish was a trip in India. The land of tigers and the Maharadja’s.
In october 2011 to begin my trip in India with my parendts, without Irene and Leo.
The trip to begin in Amsterdam. First a plane to Zurich (Switserland) and change to a plane to Delhi. In Dehli go the Gandhi museum, Sikh temple, India gate and the Bahai.
Next Delhi go to Jaipur, with the Hawa Mahal and a elephant trip to the Amber Fort.
I was on this day sick and tired. Next Jaipur go to Rathambore NP.
In this National parc to see crocodiles, a turtle, chital deers, sambar deers, nilgais, birds, monkeys and a tiger. The big moment of my live ! Next Rathambore go Keoladeo NP.
There live many birds, sambars, nilgais and turtles. The nice birds was thr painted storks.
Then go to Agra. The town with the Taj mahal and the red fort of Agra.
From Agra go with a train to Jhansi and there go to Khajuraho.
In Khajuraho was Diwali. Light fun of the hinduism. Khajuraho is to famous with the temples with erotic sculptures. From Khajuraho go to Bandagarh NP.
There live in my house on the resort two lizards, a treefrog and a spider.
By the safari go to see chitals, monkeys, eagles, birds and two sloth bears.
Mother and child. The last National parc was Kahna.
In Kahna to see chitals, jackhals, a gaur, a hog and a tiger !
The tiger have to see on a elephant safari. The trip come to finish.
From Kahna to Jobalpure airport. There take a plane to Delhi.
In Delhi stay a day,without night in a hotel. In the evening of the day go to the airport.
And go to Zurich, to Amsterdam and go to at home.

24.   In 2011 to Erik in one of the old house of Emerhese. House C. A house with 6 peoples and a attentdant. The new house were in this time in under construction. My name was on the waiting list of the new houses. The apartments.
 In March 2012 go to move house E. I have a own apartment. A building with 6 living apartments for 6 peoples. I have a own hall, sleeping room, sanitair and a living room with a kitchen.

25.   Since 2011 go to running. A sport before my new own records.
My first run was a run in Soest. My time was 49.41 minuts.
In september 2012 to do  Singelrun in Utrecht, my time was 46.03 minuts.
My fasted own record

26. Grandpa and Grandma Kreuger are my other grandparents. They are the grandparents of maternal side. They lived on a farm in Groenekan. Grandpa Kreuger was born on February 15, 1920 in Maartensdijk and Grandma Kreuger was born on December 26, 1923 in Westbroek.
In 1950, she got married and had 5 children. Two sons and three daughters (including Susan, my mother). A son, Uncle Jack died at the age of 25.
This uncle I never knew. Besides five children she had 20 grandchildren and later grandchildren. Kreuger grandfather died on March 17, 2007 and grandma Kreuger December 4, 2012. They also had chicken and we got their fresh eggs.
They also had a large garden where I had the last few years (until grandmother died) helped with Jeroen of New Houses with maintenance.
Grandma Kreuger found me one of his best grandchildren!

27. Since 2014 I started making homemade animations animals.
First with some small (trial) animation and then with the first major animation.
The first major animation called: The adventure in India.
With monkeys, a pangolin, a buffalo (this is not homemade) and a tiger.
To make these animals, I really pictures of the animals used to make the animals look as real as possible. Now (in 2015) I'm working on the next animation about Spain.

            28. Suriname. Follow.