History India (English)

My history before the trip to India.

The begin before my to born:
In the Sixty’s go Han Boon (father with my grandmother) to go India with a ship.
He was to afraid by fly with the airplane.

Uncle Tammo and Grandmother Carolien was to been my first guests by my born visit.
Uncle Tammo go to India in 1990. Thit was here first trip to India.
He to playing Sitar.

The first time of my basic school was a India project.
There was lessons and fun by India.
I to learn more of the country of India.
My uncle they are playing on the Sitar.
There was also outside of the school a fireman.

I go to anthoter school in Utrecht.
There was also a Hindoo boy.
He is born in the Netherlands, he parendts to go Suriname, with Indian background.

The Tiger action.
In this year has to action before the bengal tiger of the WWF.
Your make it a tiger art and the arts to sell before the tiger in India.
There was also a car with hand stamps before the tiger action.
Prince Bernard (Father of Queen Beatrix) push the first here hand on the car.
I was on TV, Dutch News Round.
I go more to interst by tigers. It been nice big cats !

In my last year on the basic school was a lesson by Asia.
A pupil in my class take a photo album of India.
Here father was to travel in India. I look nice pictures of India and the Taj mahal ( to inside).

My last year of the High school.
To after my exames go with my father to London.
In this town go to a Indian Restaurant. My first meet with the Indian food.
Its is very hot !
India was to 1947 a state of United Kingdom.
In London live very Indian peoples.

In this year was on the television a program over India (and China and Nepal).
They are look more by India and the India peoples. India is a busy country with very peoples.

2006 – 2010:
I go to collect information by India. My plan was bigger and bigger.
There come an another very trip to Australia.
A  year later to go my brother (and my parendts) to South Africa.
I go to way to India.

Now come my travel to India.
It is my dream travel.

Here we come !