Australia in my own hands/Summary Australia (English)(Engels)

Australia in my own hands

English Summary


July 7th and 8th day 1 and day 2

My trip to Australia to begin in my home in the Netherlands.

I live in Odijk .This is village in the medium of the Netherlands.

I go with my family.

The family consists Susan (mother), Niels (father), Me ,Irene (sister) and Leo (brother).

We started the trip from Odijk to Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is a town in Germany.

Dusseldorf have a airport. We take the airplane from Dusseldorf Airport to London Heatrow.

In London Heatrow to change a QANTAS-airplane to Sydney.


July 9th day 3

In Sydney have to Kurnell. In Kurnell go to visit by Pat an Clive.

Pat and Clive are friends of my parents.

The mother of Clive former maternity assistant was.

We are going with Pat and Clive in a restaurant in Kurnell.

The name of the restaurant is ''Sharkies''. This is a restaurant before Australian football.


July 10th day 4

On the next day in Sydney go to Taronga zoo. That is the zoo of Sydney.

In Taronga zoo lives Australian animals and another animals of the world.

A number of animals of the zoo are koala's, wombats, kangaroo's, platypushes and kookaburra's.

Platypushes are quickly swimming animals.


July 11th day 5

The last day in Sydney are going on a boat before a trip to whales. I look whales and a sealoin.

After the boat excursion I went to the Sydney Opera-house.

In the Sydney opera house make I pictures of the inside of the Sydney opera-house.

I trip the same day also with the monorail of Sydney.


July 12th day 6

I begin to the trip in East Australia. The travel leader name is Sam Williams or Beaver.

The peoples who travelled with were Bernadette and Jennifer Harvey with Katie Adelhardt.

She lives in New York. Britney and Chelsea, she lives in California.

Laura Rolfs and Carina, she lives in Germany. Charlotte Hanrahan live in London.

Jan Walstra, he live in Belgium and me , Irene( my sister), Leo (my brother) and my parents.

The first stop was by a banana-plantation. There is a big fake-banana.

And the next stop was by a field with wallaby's. My first wallaby's in the wild.

The next stop was by a surfcamp. That is the first night-stay outside Sydney.

By the dinner was a campfire and piece of pizza's.


July 13th day 7

This day going surf lesson. The surf lesson was perfect ! I can surfing only on my knees.

This was my first one of surfing. After the surfing go to the bus to Botany bay.

Before Botany bay stop by a place where peoples going hang gliding.

I look a eagle fly by the sea. In Botany bay going a hostel.

Botany bay is the east point of Australia.





July 14th day 8

We wake up to 5.30. We are going to the sunset of Botany.

After the breakfast are going to Brisbane.

In Brisbane come Adam Whittington and Scot Davies(boys from United Kingdom).

Anna Ǻhlander (girl from Sweden) and Katie Brightwell from Canada.

We are going to Rainbow beach. In Rainbow beach going to the hostel.


July 15th day 9

We are going to the Fraser Island. That is biggest Sand Island on the world.

We go on the 4 WD bus to the boat. On the boat go to Fraser Island.

On Fraser Island go by the way on the beach to the resort.

On the resort drop to luggage and to drink a coffee or tea with a muffin.

We go in the bus to a lake on Fraser Island.

By the lake go to sun and to swim in the lake. In the lake lives catfishes.

After the lake go to the bus to the resort. In the resort go to lunch.

After the lunch go in the bus and going to the bush. We see in the bus a echidna.

We going to out the bus and look the echidna. We going the bush. In the bush walking by a creek.

On walking ways and bridges. After the walking in the bus to going to the resort.

In the resort was dinnertime and after the dinner to sleep.


July 16th day 10

The evening to Fraser Island to go the rock. The Indian Head.

We see a dingo. I make a picture of the dingo.

By the Indian head to climb the rock and look on the sea.

After the Indian head to go a wreck of a ship. It was a big ship.

After the wreck was lunchtime. After the lunch to go a lake.

The girls to sun by the lake and my to walk by the lake.

After the lake to go the boat. We are look a dingo. The bus go to on the boat.

The boat to go Rainbow beach. On Rainbow beach look my a bush turkey.

We are going to the same hostel before the night.


July 17th day 11

By the breakfast feed the dolphins by a little restaurant.

After the breakfast go to the cowboy resort.

By the cowboy resort go to eat goat meat.

In the resort was also another peoples of Australia.

The peoples to tell me or Australia and the aboriginals.

In the evening was a campfire and if your smincken leave, then get you a free drink .


July 18th day 12

After the breakfast go to a place before to throw boomerangs.

After the boomerangs to ride on the horse. My name of my horse is Beauy.

We are with the horse goats to at home. The horse bites the goats.

We to say:''Appappappap !''. Then was a lunch. After the go to shoot clay pigeons.

I make 5 shoots. My last shoot was heat ! Beaver make 5 shoots heat ! Very good !

Then was a game. We to going throw lasso on the goat and the another peoples take the goat and to stamp the goat. After the game was ride on the quat. Beaver to ride on a motor.

By the ride on the quats is a sunset. Then was dinnertime.

In the evening was by the campfire games.

An Australian man of yesterday give my stone of the aboriginals.



July 19th day 13

We left the cowboy resort and went to Carnarvon national parc.

There live kangaroo's and platypushes.

By the resort go to walking on by the water and find platypushes. I find no platypush.

I find however a echidna and a wallaby in the dark.


July 20th day 14

In the evening to go walking in the gorge. On the top of gorge was a nice view.

We make pictures of the view. After the lunch have we free time.

In the begin of the evening go to walk by the water and I find a platypush.


July 21th day 15

On this day go to Arliebeach. On the one's way I look raw sugar plantations with a little railway.

It was a very long trip. In the evening go to a restaurant, but there is a disquiet in the kitchen.

There are few choose by dinner food.


July 22th day 16

This day are going on the sailor boat. The name of the sailor boat is the boomerang.

Before the sailor boat are going in a shop. In the shop to sell opals, boomerangs, didgeridoo's and aboriginal paintings. I buy a didgeridoo, a boomerang, a opal , a book and DVD.

After the lunch are going to the harbour. There take the sailor boat.

We had own shoes pull off and the shoes go to in a pocket.

On the boat is much music. By the dinner were first the lady's before food.

In the evening go to dance.


July 23th day 17

After the breakfast going to a Island. The Hook Island. On the island go to walk and going relax on the beach. After the lunch going scuba diving. My, Irene, Bernadette, Jennifer, Charlotte, Katie and Jan going scuba diving. I look corals, fishes and sponges. The corals is blue and yellow.

After the scuba diving was the lunch.

Afterwards go to sailor. A number of peoples to hoist up the sailors and the boat to fern with the wind. The boat fern very quick. In the evening to going limbo dancing.


July 24th day18

After the breakfast go to snorkel in the sea. I look dory's (blue fishes).

In the noontime go to sailor. On the way to the harbour.

By the harbour go to a picture with the group.

By come to Beaver go in the bus and go to Bowen.

In Bowen recording were the movie ''Australia''.

There go by a vegetable and fruit shop before a lunch.

We go to Townsville. In Townsville take a boat to Magnetic Island.

In Magnetic Island take a bus to the resort.

In the resort was many young people's.


July 25th day 19

We are going with a bus to the harbour and take the boat return the mainland.

We going with a bus to a crocodile farm. By the crocodile farm were crocodiles and another animals. There was a crocodile show. The zoo keeper feed crocodiles.

After the crocodile farm going to Cairns. In Cairns drop Beaver the peoples by the hotels.

In the evening were in a restaurant. There games with prices. This was the last evening     with this group.


July 26th day 20

On this day were my family free. Irene and Leo go to shops. Niels en Susan go to walking with a GPS. And me go to a tourist information. By the information find a zoo in Cairns.

By the casino is a little zoo. The name of the zoo is Cairns Wildlifedome. The zoo is on the roof of the casino. In the zoo I look the animals. There was crocodiles, birds, koalas and little wallaby's.

I going on a picture with a koala. It my unique picture of this holiday.

At the back of this day go to the airport of Cairns and take the airplane to Darwin.

It is a airplane of Qantas link. In Darwin take a bus to own hotel.


July 27th day 21

We go to the bus stop and take a bus before own new trip by Australia.

The name of the courier is Geoff. The another peoples are : Natsumi a Japanese, Tanya a Ozzie, Paul a Kiwi (new Zealand) and Verena a German. We go to a little restaurant before breakfast.

After the breakfast go to the Florence falls. By the Florence falls go to walk. There live also snakes.

By the next stop go to the Rock hole. That is a creek with little waterfalls.

Afterwards go to the lunch and after the lunch go to a billabong.

By the billabong come a aboriginal.

The aboriginal tell about the wildlife by the north of Australia. About the plants ,trees and animals.

We come to aboriginal camp and we get lesson. The men javelin throw and the woman's make strings. After the lesson go a dancing. A aboriginal dancing.

Afterwards go to a boat on the lake. In the like lives crocodiles, ducks and another birds.

I looks crocodiles, ducks, darters and eagles. I make pictures of this animals.

By the dinner eat buffalo sausage. It was too early dark in the evening.


July 28th day 22

We go to the Kakadu National parc. I look in the bus outside termites hills.

By the first stop go to walk by rocks. By the rocks were aboriginal paintings. The paintings are old.

The paintings was with fishes, peoples, turtles and another animals.

There was also a paint of Tasmanian tiger.

By the next stop go to lunch and after the lunch go in 4 WD bus. We go to a creek.

By the creek are walking. I look a lizard and fishes. By the rocks go to swim and I look rock frogs.

By the next stop go to the yellow water. There look the sunset in the yellow water.

By the evening eat rice with chicken.


July 29th day 23

After the breakfast go to the Triplet Falls. The walking trip to the falls go also with a boat.

By the next stop go to the Jim jim Falls. The trip to the falls is climbing on the rocks.

By the falls go to swim. The falls is dry. Afterwards was lunchtime.

After the lunch going collect wood before the campfire.

By the next stop go the sleep stay in the wild. Geoff take a campfire.

By the dinner eating wraps.


July 30th day 24

In the morning walk to the waterfalls on the top of the rock.

By the climb come to a yellow cotton flower. The flower say our the crocodiles.

The crocodiles lay eggs and when the crocodiles are fat.

In the noon go to national parc Nitmaluk. By Nitmaluk to walk to broad waterfalls.

By the waterfalls go to swim. After Nitmaluk go to Katherine. In Katherine is a break.

Afterwards Katherine go to aboriginal shop. There are a lesson in aboriginal painting.

I paint a turtle and buy a T shirt. By the dinnertime eat spaghetti bolonese.



July 31th day 25

This day go to canoeing in a big gorge. By the cano stop was by a rock wall a aboriginal paint.

By the lunch eating wraps and a see bower birds. After the lunch go to pub before drinks.

In the pub is a buffalo Charlie. This buffalo play in the movie ''crocodile Dundee''.

Afterwards go to Darwin. Geoff drop me and my family in a hotel.

In the evening eating in a Turkish restaurant.


August 1th day 26

We take a breakfast by a subway. After the breakfast go me, Niels and Leo to a crocodile zoo.

In the zoo is crocodiles, reptiles, fishes. After the zoo go to the harbour.

We take a lunch and walking by the harbour. Little later come Irene and Susan.

We take a boat and the boat to fern. On the boat have a dinner. We eat among other crocodile meat.

Crocodile meat tastes chicken meat with fish.

After the boat trip go to the hotel.


August 2th day 27

In the morning go to a museum with pictures our Darwin.

The museum is closet and to a half hour is open.

I make questions before a quiz our this trip. After a half hour go to the museum.

It is a small museum. After the museum go to shop in Darwin.

We take a lunch by a Chinese restaurant. I take won ton soup.

After the lunch go to the hotel and waiting before the bus.

After a long time waiting go the bus with the luggage.

The bus drive to the airport of Darwin.

In the airport take the airplane of Yet-star to Singapore.

In Singapore switch to a airplane to London Heatrow.

It is a airplane of British Airways and it is a Boeing 747 (jumbo jet).

In the airplane I look a movie: Monster vs aliens.


August 3th day 28

I wake up in the airplane.

The airplane was to up by East Europe.

The airplane land on London Heatrow.

I switch to a airplane to Dusseldorf.

It was a airplane of British Airways.

By Dusseldorf Airport take a bus to own car by the parking.

By the parking take own car to home.

Go to home to do the quiz our this trip.

In the noon was me at home.


The end.